Organization: PCR Europe, S.L.
Services Proviced: kennel hire and sale for pets.
Business address:  c/ Castillo de Peñiscola, 8; Valdemorillo, MADRID, 28210
CIF: B-84604461

1. The Contract
2. Modification or Cancellation of Contract
3. Delivery of kennel
4. During the Rental Period
5. Retrieval of Kennel
6. Kennels with advertising and publicity
7. Damages Policy  
8. Additional charges and extras  
9. Jurisdiction


1.1.The Contract.
1.1.1. The rental contract for a kennel is executed through the web page at of Pet Carriers to Rent, S.L. (hereinafter “Pet Carriers”).
1.1.3. The minimum rental period for contracts executed via the web is one (1) day.
1.1.4. The maximum rental period is sixty (60) days, except for certain promotional campaigns or other specific agreements.

1.2. Charges.
1.2.1. Pet Carriers accepts credit cards as the exclusive method of payment
1.2.2 Contracting charges through the web (directly via internet, via phone, at the agency or on site): The rental amount for the kennel, the charge for preparation, the cancel option (optional) and other available options shall be paid with credit card (accepted for all cases), or in exceptional cases involving intermediary third party brokers, at the moment of delivery of the kennel.
1.2.3. The contracting party must show at the time of delivery of the kennel his DNI ID number, even in cases in which the payment is made in person where the Renter party must sign the proof of purchase at the same time showing the card with which he has realized payment.  Such requirements will be asked for by the Pet Carriers dispatch staff or the appropriate shipping company. (See box 3.3 for more information).  Pet Carriers shall charge to the card in questions additional charges such as those for damages incurred, delayed return, or return of kennel in a place other than where it was issued, among others.

1.3. The Renter
1.3.1. The renter with whom the rental contract is executed who signs at the time of delivery of the kennel or kennels is considered the Renter.
1.3.2. The Renter undertakes to comply with all the terms and conditions gathered in this document.  The Renter shall be responsible to Pet Carriers and to third parties for such damages and infractions as may occur.
1.3.3. It is not allowed to lend, assign or make secondary rentals or assignments to third parties without the consent of Pet Carriers.

1.4. The price of the rental includes:
1.4.1.  Delivery of a rental kennel to the client of a rental kennel in hygienic condition, disinfected and sealed by the disinfection company in question and in perfect working order.
1.4.2. Coverage of damages: The Renter assumes responsibility for damages occurring to the kennel should there be any, and signs his approval to the effect that the kennel will be in perfect condition when delivered. (see applicable fees)

1.5.The price of the rental does not include:
1.5.1. Penalties for late return, which will be assessed according to the applicable schedule (see Item 8).
1.5.2. Rental of wheels for kennel models ATLAS 50, 60, 70, CAR SMALL, MEDIUM, GIANT (see Item 8).
1.5.3. Damages caused to the kennel involving its parts such as doors, detachable hygienic flooring, restraints, wheels (if this option has been rented), or the framework that holds it together.  When such damages occur, the respective category from the damage policy shall be applied, without detriment to Pet Carriers having the capacity to charge an amount as high the total cost of repairs after it has been assessed by a technical service, or require its payment by any other means if it cannot be collected.
1.5.4. Loss, misplacement or damage to the fastenings or wheels  if that option has been selected.
1.5.5. Loss, removal or damage to the adhesives or paint on the kennels, whether of Pet Carriers’ own publicity  ( or for some other company or product.  The Renter shall be charged the corresponding amount according to the fees in effect (see Item 7).
1.5.6.  Loss, removal or damage to the labels of the kennels with publicity or advertising, whether of Pet Carriers’ own publicity  ( or for some other company or product.  The Renter shall be charged the corresponding amount according to the fees in effect (see Item 7).
1.5.7.  Retrieval after the stipulated time or return before the stipulated time.  In such cases, Pet Carriers reserves the right to charge on the Renter’s credit car an amount as a penalty that shall be no more than 100% of the price of the daily rental at the  rates in effect at the time such penalty is assessed.
1.5.8.  Any extra charges included in the foregoing items will be charged by Pet Carriers if such should occur against the credit card of the Renter, according to the rate in effect (see Items 7 and 8), on the basis of calendar days (in the event of delayed return), Pet Carriers’ damages policy, the assessment of damages by a technical service, or the price of the daily rental (pick-up after the stipulated time).
1.5.9. Right of cancellation.  Except in cases where the Renter  has chosen the possibility of canceling his contract with the option assigned for such purpose at  the site, as long as there is not less than 72 hours prior to the date of return of the rented kennel, and to receive a partial refund of 80% of the rental amount.  See section 2.4 of this document for more information.
1.5.10.  Penalties and recovery costs if they are applied for returning the kennel in an area different from the one where the personnel hired by Pet Carriers deposited it at the time of the signing of the contract.
1.5.11.  Costs incurred by Pet Carriers in claiming amounts debited and not paid, such as attorneys’ fees, agents, legal expenses and others.

1.6.  Accuracy of personal particulars.
1.6.1. The Renter, in entering into this contract, confirms that his personal particulars entered therein are accurate.
1.6.2.  In the event that some of the information is false, or if the Renter provided inaccurate information that gives rise to erroneous interpretations, Pet Carriers can cancel this contract and will not be obliged to reimburse the amount paid either fully or partially.

1.7.  Policy of protection of information.
The Renter authorized Pet Carriers to include his personal particulars in the respective files, as well as for their use and automated processing or not, for the management and recording of the operations subscribed between the parties.  Furthermore, they similarly authorize at the margin of the contractual text, the treatment of their personal particulars for sending commercial offers and publicity by any means (post, phone, fax, mailings, or any other online means), of their own or of third parties, by Pet Carriers.  The Renter authorized Pet Carriers to provide his particulars to companies linked directly or indirectly with Pet Carriers.  If the Renter wishes to access, correct or cancel his personal information on the basis of Organic Law 15/1999 dated December 13, for the Protection of Information of a Personal Nature, he may send a letter addressed to Pet Carriers to Rent, S.L.; Apartado de Correos 31, Código Postal 28210 Valdemorillo; MADRID; or by e-mail to this address:


2.1. Extension of the rental period.
The Renter may extend the duration of the rental period once the rental is in effect and always prior to the end of the rental, always remaining subject to availability and authorization by Pet Carriers.  The rental price may vary with respect to the initial rental conditions and the payment be charged against the credit card at the time of the extension.

2.2. Reduction of the rental period.
The Renter may reduce the duration of the rental period, without charge, but in no case will he have the right to receive any refund for the reduction of the days specified in his contract.

2.3. Modification of the rental period.
If the client should wish to modify the dates for delivery and pick-up originally contracted, he shall pay an additional charge according to the applicable rates available in Item 8 of this document (charge for modification).  Such modification must be made in all cases before the beginning of the rental period originally contracted and not less than 9 days.

2.4. Cancellation of the contract.
2.4.1. The client has the possibility of applying a cancellation option the charge for which is available in Item 8.  Should he do so, he has the right to nullify his reservation receiving back 80% of the total amount of same, as long as he does so in a period not less than 3 days in Peninsula and 9 days in Balearic Islands and Canarias, before the scheduled delivery of the kennel by the delivery service in question hired by Pet Carriers or its affiliated businesses.
2.4.2. Cancellation can be effected via e-mail with an e-mail sent to the Department of Customer Service at Pet Carriers
2.4.3.  If the client has not applied the aforesaid cancellation option, Pet Carriers will not reimburse any amount in the event of cancellation or non-pickup of the kennel.


3.1. Place of delivery .
The place of delivery of the kennel will be the place stated in the contract.

3.2. Time of delivery.
Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The Renter must always receive the kennel during the indicated schedule.  At other times neither delivery nor pickup will be possible until the following day.

3.3. Documentation necessary to receive kennel:

i.  DNI/NIF ID or ORIGINAL Passport of signer of the contract (owner of the credit card).  If the address on the contract is different from the one on the DNI/NIF ID, bring proof of address (bank statement, electric or gas bill, etc. no more than 6 months old).
ii. Rental contract or reference number (contract number) to locate it.
iii. ORIGINAL credit card with which the rent was paid or if it is different, ORIGINAL credit card for supplementary charges. 
Pet Carriers reserves the right to request additional information besides that already mentioned if it deems it necessary or appropriate for the purpose of diminishing the risk of non-fulfillment of the contract by the client.  If the client should fail to comply with the aforementioned requirements, Pet Carriers reserves the right not to proceed with delivery of the kennel.
If the holder of the contract (the holder of the credit card) is NOT the person receiving the kennel, and cannot appear in person to retrieve the kennel, it will be necessary to present:
iv.  A photocopy of the DNI/NIF ID of the signer of the contract.
v. Written authorization for the person retrieving the kennel and signing in his name the acceptance of possible additional charges.
In contracts with arrangements different from those cited, the client shall have to bring such documentation as may be pertinent in each case.

3.4.  Photographs.
Solely for the purpose of ensuring an appropriate level of security, Pet Carriers may take a digital photograph of each client at the moment of delivery of the kennel.  Said digital photograph may only be used in the event that the kennel is not returned on the agreed upon date and the company has not received any explanation from the Renter.

3.5. Photocopying of documents.
Pet Carriers will make photocopies of such documents (DNI ID, Passport, credit cards, etc.) as it may deem appropriate, for the purpose of ensuring an appropriate level of security in the delivery of its kennels.

3.6. Inspection of the kennel and acceptance of its condition.

The Renter shall inspect the kennel before taking it and will sign the acceptance of its condition giving his approval of the satisfactory condition of cleanliness and disinfection.

3.7. Early pickup.
Pet Carriers shall not deliver any kennel before the beginning of the rental period established in the contract except if the Renter accepts an increase in his rental period and executes this increase by the stipulated means (see sections 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 for more information), with the concomitant price increase according to the applicable rates at that moment.

3.8. Delay in pickup of kennel.
In the event that Pet Carriers or the firm contracted for delivery and pickups should have to collect the kennel after the contracted time for reasons caused by the client, the rates for delayed return reflect in Item 8 will be applied.  Pet Carriers reserves the right to charge a fee for the expense of relocating this kennel.

3.9. Refunds.
In payments by credit card, if delivery of the kennel is not accepted without the contract’s having been cancelled, the Renter will have no right whatsoever to ask for a refund.

3.10. Condition of kennel.
Pet Carriers undertakes to deliver its kennels in perfect working order, disinfected and clean.

3.11. If for reasons that have nothing to do with the Renter the  kennel should prove unsuitable for his use, or should be unavailable, Pet Carriers shall inform the client of such circumstance and to the extent possible shall offer to the Renter a substitute kennel that is the same or better, or shall provide a full refund.

3.12. Pet Carriers reserves the right to not deliver a kennel in the event that, in the opinion of a company employee, the Renter has not presented the necessary documentation to take delivery the kennel.


4.1. The Renter undertakes to keep a copy for the rental of the kennel at  all times during the rental period.

4.2. The Renter undertakes to inform Pet Carriers of any flaw or defect detected or damage suffered by the kennel that prevents its perfect functioning at the moment that such discovery is made.

4.3. It is expressly forbidden to sub-let the kennel in its entirety or any of its components.

4.4. Pet Carriers forbids the overloading of the kennel or  any other type of use that is not for the transportation of legal animals with their documents duly in order, exempting Pet Carriers of any blame if any other type of illegal product or substance is transported in the kennel.

4.5.  The Renter undertakes to protect the kennel against weather that might cause it damage.

4.6. The Renter shall never modify or change the logo, the color nor the identification numbers of the kennel or of its ownership, with Pet Carriers having the right to apply supplementary charges for such offenses.

4.7. In the event of theft, misplacement or loss of the kennel, the Renter undertakes:
4.7.1. To inform police of the fact immediately;
4.7.2. To provide PC with the report made to the police and give complete information on the incident;
4.7.3. In the event of theft or misplacement Pet Carriers will not provide a replacement kennel.
4.7.4. If PC should be of the opinion that the kennel was misplaced due to the negligence of the client, the Renter shall assume full responsibility for the loss with respect to Pet Carriers.


5.1.  Place of return.   

The place of return of the kennel shall be the one stated in the contract, and if it should be different from that stated in the contract, Pet Carriers shall estimate the additional cost for the change of location. A time shall be agreed upon for the delivery and pickup staff to come get it.

5.2.  Time of return.
The kennel shall be picked up within the scheduled hours indicated on the contract with the establishment of an agreement between Pet Carriers and the Renter for a pickup time within such schedule.  Once the scheduled hours have passed, it shall not be possible to return the kennel until the following day, and if Pet Carriers is of the opinion that there was a lack of punctuality on the part of the client, it shall charge a penalty of one day’s lateness pursuant to the rates in effect (see Item 8). 

5.3.  Late returns.
In the event of late return of the kennel, Pet Carriers shall apply a penalty charge in accordance with the rates in effect (see Item 8).

5.4. Early returns.
In the event that the Renter should return the kennel before the time and date of termination set forth in the contract, Pet Carriers shall not refund any part of the amount paid.  Similarly, Pet Carriers reserves the right to charge for any relocation costs of the kennel (see section 1.5.7. for more information).

5.5.  Inspection of the kennel.
When the kennel is returned to Pet Carriers at the end of the rental period, said kennel shall undergo a process of inspection by Pet Carriers personnel.  Such return should always be undertaken whenever possible in the presence of the Renter.  The Renter shall sign a form stating his acceptance of the kennel’s present condition and his agreement to possible supplementary charges.

5.6.  The Renter shall assume responsibility for damage caused to the kennel.  The  occurrence of such damage shall be jointly assessed by the Renter and the personnel of Pet Carriers,  with the Renter being therefore obliged to be present during such inspection.

5.7.  In the event that the Renter should decide to leave before such inspection takes place, the Renter shall sign the return document in advance, thus giving his  consent for the inspection to take place in his absence, and accepting that if any damage should be found to the kennel or there should be any additional damage, Pet Carriers may charge the respective fees.

5.8. The Renter accepts that if someone other than the person signing this contract accepts delivery of the kennel in the absence of the Renter, the acceptance by such person gives through his signature acceptance of any damage or circumstance that may entail additional charges, requiring the approval of possible charges to the credit card of the Renter.

5.9.  Reporting to the police.
If the kennel is not returned by the Renter on the agreed upon date, Pet Carriers reserves the right to report the matter to the police, notifying them that the kennel continues in the possession of the Renter without their consent.  Pet Carriers reserves the right, furthermore, to sue the Renter for the payment of all amounts incurred and outstanding.

5.10.  Failure to return to the contracted outlet.
In the event that the kennel is not returned by the Renter to personnel at the outlet contracted by Pet Carriers, the latter shall retrieve such kennel wherever it may be located, charging the client for the corresponding amount according to the rates (see Item 8). Is the kennel is abandoned in a place other than the one indicated in the contract such as an airport terminal, canine hotel, etc.   Pet Carriers shall charge the Renter the penalty for the return away from the place indicated in the contract plus the costs for the recover of the kennel. In the event that recovery is not possible the client shall be charged for the total amount of the retail value of the kennel or kennels.

5.11. Condition of kennel.
The kennel shall be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered, except for wear-and-tear from normal use.  If Pet Carriers is of the opinion that the condition of dirtiness of the kennel requires a more extensive cleaning than usual it shall charge the client for the expense of such cleaning as stated in the policy on damages (Item 8).

5.12. Lost objects.
If due to forgetfulness the Renter should leave some object inside the kennel he may call the department of customer service to request the return of such object.  Shipping costs shall always be assumed by the Renter. Pet Carriers takes no responsibility for the loss of any object that has been forgotten inside the kennel.

5.13. Pet Carriers shall charge the client as a late payment fee interest penalty the amount of the renting the kennel by one day of renting the kennel rented by day don’t returned.


6.1. Damages or disappearance, either total or partial, of adhesive publicity on the kennel (labels) during their rental shall be considered as Category 2 damages, with a charge of 100€.


Damages caused to the kennel during the rental are divided for purposes of applying charges into 4 categories and each damage caused will be charged to the credit card of the Renter until all charges for damages caused have been covered, in case of complete loss or failure to return the client’s credit card will be charged the amount for the kennel corresponding to the retail value stipulated by Pet Carriers.

CATEGORY 1.  50 euros will be charged.
Breakage or loss of the set of wheels for ATLAS 50, ATLAS 60, ATLAS 70 and  CAR SMALL, MEDIUM and GIANT kennels. Breakage or damage of the metal entrance door (or its components) to kennel:
Small VariKennel; medium VariKennel; intermediate VariKennel; Atlas 80.Safety locks that hold together the two pieces of which the kennels are made and door locks when they are present for the Atlas 50, Atlas 60, Atlas 70, Car Small, Medium and Giant; small Varikennel, medium Varikennel, intermediate Varikennel, large Varikennel, extra large Varikennel, giant Varikennel.
Ventilation Grids
Breakage, loss or damage of one or two halves comprising the following kennels: 
small Varikennel; medium Varikennel; Atlas 50; Atlas Car 80
Hygienic floor
Assembled kennel returned of the following models: Varikennel medium and intermedium

CATEGORY 2 .- 100 euros will be charged 

Loss or damage to labels or decals on the kennel<
Breakage or damage to metal entrance door (or its components) of the following kennels: large VariKennel ; extra large VariKennel ; giant VariKennel; Car Medium, Car Giant; Atlas 60; Atlas 70
• Breakage, loss or damage of one or two (2) halves comprising the following kennels: Atlas 50; Car Medium, Car Giant; intermediate Varikennel.
Assembled kennel returned of the following models: Varikennel large and extra large.

CATEGORY 3.  135 euros will be charged.

Breakage, loss or damage of one or two (2) halves comprising the following kennels: Atlas 60; Large VariKennel

CATEGORY 4.  200 euros will be charged.

Breakage, loss or damage of one or two (2) halves comprising the following kennels:
Atlas 70; Extra Large Varikennel; Giant Varikennel
Assembled kennel returned of the following models: Varikennel giant.


8.  ADDITIONAL CHARGES AND EXTRAS.  (Subject to other conditions specially agreed to)





Not optional
If Pet Carriers considers that the kennel was not returned in minimum conditions of cleanliness and hygiene just as it was delivered a charge of 5,00 euros will be charged for cleaning the kennel

X Contracts


4 euros

X Contracts


100% of contracted amount for one day per kennel and per day

X kennels


5 euros

X kennels


Same city or same Island

150 Euros.

If the address on the contract is in Spain and the kennel is left outside the Iberian peninsula within Spanish territory

250 Euros.

Any other place

500 Euros.

Atlas 50, 60, 70 and Atlas Car 80 and 100

Optional 2.5 euros

X days



9.1. Pet Carriers expressly refuses to submit to possible Arbitration Panels, or to any other arbitration proceedings.

9.2. Any dispute that may arise between the Renter and Pet Carriers will be settled before Spanish Judges and Courts, with express renunciation of any other venue that might have jurisdiction.  This Contract will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Spain and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid.